Q. What is the number 1 attribute that sets you apart from your competition? 

A. The quality of our product: it is our number one concern throughout your photo booth experience. From the day you contact us to well past the end of your event, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality booth, pictures, graphics and service. This is why we pride ourselves on being Oklahoma's 1st Class Photo Booth company!

Q.  What is the quality of the prints?

A. Many booths take grainy, obscured, blurry, warped, color faded photos due to the camera inside the booth & whether or not they use a flash system and how it is incorporated. Route 66 Photo booth uses 12 and 15 mega-pixel Professional SLR cameras, not web cams, point & shoot cameras or video cameras. This fact and our signature flash system allow the capture of perfectly brilliant photos every time. You can definitely see the difference.

Q. Do we get our pictures immediately or do we have to wait and order them on-line after the event?

A. Immediately is pretty fast & I don't know of any photo booth that can print that fast but we incorporate the highest quality printer available which will print your four pictures in less than thirty seconds and you get them right on the spot!

Q. Your packages state “unlimited” photos. How many sessions are possible in a Route 66 Photo booth?

A. Once you book a Route 66 Photo Booth, you receive free, unlimited pictures throughout the course of your event. We can ultimately get up to 80 sessions per hour but “unlimited” is used to let you know that there is no other costs for the photos! Speed is VERY important in the consideration of choosing the optimum photo booth company for your event but the speed of the booth should not consider the printing time alone, but the overall process for each session. After each photo session, the next guest(s) can enter the booth immediately and begin their photo session. No one has to wait for the print(s) to drop before starting the next session. After all, the more prints that come out of the booth during your event, the more entertainment there is to go around!

Q. What is the print format that comes from your booth?

A. We use a vertical orientation 4” x 6” print out for several reasons. First, the individual photos are much larger than those of a typical strip. Secondly, it allows us a larger area on the print to customize your event graphics, text, etc: these graphics turn your prints into more of a party favor than just a print. Third, our format allows for a waist to ceiling shot which can capture “body language” in the photos. There is only so much expression that can be captured with a narrow “head shot”. These miss the arms in the air, glasses toasting, dancing in the booth...etc. You get the point! Lastly, guests tend to find a much larger selection of frames in which to display their prints than if it were in a strip format.

Q . How many guests can your booth accommodate?

A. All of our booths can fit up to 6 people comfortably. They are designed to be just large enough to squeeze in a group of 6 but still maintain a level of confinement that makes it a true photo booth. There is a trend in the market to create booths that will hold a very large group of guests but it drastically lessens the true photo booth experience. If you want a picture of the entire bridal party lined up shoulder to shoulder, ask your photographer to take that shot: that is not what a great photo booth is all about. A lot of the appeal of a photo booth is the “squeeze” factor and the larger, nontraditional feeling and looking booths in the market do not achieve this vital part of what it means to be a Photo Booth!

More than 6 guests? For larger groups we offer our Open Air Concept! Check out our booths page.  

Q. You mention a customized print design. What is that and how does it work?

A. The customized photo print is one of the unique characteristics that sets a Route 66 Photo Booth apart from the competition. Unlikestandard strip photos, we can format your prints into several different styles. And due to the print format that we use, our on staff graphic artist is able to personalize your prints to match the theme/colors of your event. This unique feature of customizing your prints provides you and your guests with a more personal experience: one highlighting your event!

Q.  Can we choose between Black & White or color photos? 

A. We find that our clients generally have a preference here. We let you decide in advance if you want B&W or color photos coming from the booth at your event.  Some clients go with the “Old School” photo look and feel and will choose the the traditional B&W option but many enjoy the vivid nature and look of our color photos. We have found that this just simply slows down the overall process and reduces your number of sessions. We also find that it is difficult to accomplish vivid color photos and switch to B&W using the same backdrop and customized print graphics and achieve a perfect B&W photo. This is why many booths have both a mediocre color and B&W image.

Q. Will there be someone from Route 66 Photo Booth at the event to make sure things are running smooth?

A. Absolutely. All of our packages include a full-time booth attendant. Their main objective is to be sure that the booth runs correctly but since we rarely have any booth problems, their second objective is to assist and interact with your guests. They will answer questions, provide tips, organize props, explain and encourage the scrapbook option, etc. They are there to assist in making your event a smashing success!

Q. Can the booth be set-up and ready to go prior to the start time of our event?

A. Yes, this is a common scenario for us. Many times a wedding ceremony or awards dinner are at the same location, sometimes even in the same room as a reception or party! We will make sure that the booth is set up, but not operational, prior to your contracted event time. If your venue is available early in the day of your event, we like to get onsite, make sure we are in the right place and have the booth set up much earlier than the time of your event.