Aug 26

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Oklahoma's 1st class photo booth rental company.

apture the real party inside a PHOTO BOOTH!

Photo booths capture the genuine personality of your family and friends in a way that no photographer could.


Our booths are what make Route 66 PHOTOBOOTH fun to be a part of...

There are three main characteristics that make Route 66 one of your best choices..  quality, speed and photo frame.

Route 66 offers 4 photo booths that use 12 and 15 mega-pixel SLR Professional cameras to capture the highest quality photo. Quality is not only reflected within the photo, but the booths have been event tested and client approved.

The faster the booth, the more entertainment! Our simple process means more sessions at your event which results in more pictures: up to 80 sessions an hour. The processing takes less than 30 seconds to print your pictures.

The photo frame allows the capture of body language which is much more entertaining than the traditional tight squeezed head shot, this makes a world of difference in the entertainment value of a particular booth. Our booths take a wide angle portrait that captures everything from waist level to the ceiling of the booth.

All 4 of our booths have external LCD Monitors on the outside of our booths, this allows for full customization of your event.  Route 66 will creatively enhance your photo booth experience by highlighting the event with
customized designs that include slideshows of engagement pictures (with your photographer's permission of course), old family photo’s, or branding our booth with your company’s logo or message....  A unique feature that compliments any event!

Quality is the number one goal of our booths with the second consideration of speed, these combinations make our booths the most entertaining booths available, which have helped to solidify our reputation as Oklahoma's First Class Photo Booth Rental Company.


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